Hello and welcome to the Family Explorer Club!

Thank you for your interest in having a listing on our website. We are excited to be launching our new website very soon and would like to invite you to be in the “Club” right from the word go!

We pride ourselves on providing a one-stop shop for families of all ages to find their next perfect camping or caravanning holiday, knowing that all the sites listed on our website have a minimum of ONE family-friendly facility. This can be anything from a playground to a full entertainment complex and more…

Coming soon, we will be launching a members only section of the website where our members can enjoy discounts on their holidays, along with discounts on other products and services.

We list holidays/short breaks for the following pitch types:


Trailer Tents




In return for giving you a FREE listing, we ask that you provide Family Explorer Club members a minimum discount of 5% off their stay which is to be valid all year round (subject to availability). Even with the 5% discount, this is a large saving in comparison to the commission other third party sites charge for a listing. We aren’t quite ready to launch the members club just yet, so everyone will be welcome to use our website and make a booking at your full price. We will let you know when the members club is due to go live.

Register below to list your establishment on our website and get ready to sell your fantastic family-friendly pitches and facilities.

Your Benefits

  • FREE listing
  • Increased bookings and revenue
  • Increased awareness within the family market
  • Easy to manage availability and pricing when using our booking system (optional)
  • Dedicated page about your campsite(s)/holiday park(s)
  • Additional advertising opportunities via our monthly newsletters and social media platforms
  • Flex your discount to members depending on high/low demand (minimum 5%, maximum 50%) – coming soon
  • You can offer discount to members on your other products and services such as food/drink/activities etc. to encourage customers to stay with you
  • One free membership for you to use as you wish (competition to your customers on social media perhaps or a gift to a friend/family member)
  • Family Explorer Club digital poster to display
  • Member loyalty for the potential of increased future bookings

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How does it work?

We have two different types of customers:

•   Members

•   Non-members

Here is the difference:

Members (coming soon)

Members will have access to book at the discounted price shown. The amount of discount is up to you but must be a minimum of 5%. You can flex this discount based on low and high demand periods. Discount must be applied on every day that you are open (subject to availability), as this is one of the main advantages that we offer to our members. Even with the 5% discount, this is typically less than other third parties charge for a listing.


Non-members will book at the full price shown. They will, however, have the option to become a member and they will then be given access to the discounted rate once they have subscribed. This is not compulsory, and non-members can continue to use our website and book their holidays without the benefits of being a member.



We hope you are excited to join the Family Explorer Club and share our vision of the opportunities that lie ahead! If you have any questions prior to registering, please drop us an email to info@familyexplorerclub.co.uk.

Once you have registered, we will be in touch very shortly to confirm with you the next steps.

We are excited to work with you and get to know you and start to build a community of families that are caravan and camping lovers who enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do!

We also offer a Marketing Support Service, to find out more, please visit our services page!

If you have any questions or would like to chat to us, please email info@familyexplorerclub.co.uk